Australian Wheatgrass

We offer a huge variety of sprouting seeds and microgreen seeds, online. Our newest range of seeds includes a collection of herb seeds and edible flower seeds. Most recently, we have extended our product range to include nuts, butters and dried fruits. We hope you love em!

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Amaranth Seeds- Red Garnet - Australian WheatgrassAmaranth Seeds- Red Garnet - Australian Wheatgrass
Amaranth Seeds - Red Garnet
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Basil Seeds- Greek - Australian Wheatgrass
Basil Seeds - Greek
Sale priceFrom $3.90
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Basil Seeds- Green - Australian Wheatgrass
Basil Seeds - Green
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Basil Seeds- Purple - Australian Wheatgrass
Basil Seeds - Purple
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Nuts, Dried Fruit & Powders

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Organic Absolute Greens Powder in a bowl
Absolute Greens Blend - Organic
Sale priceFrom $9.90
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Date and Almond Rolls in a bowl
Almond Date Rolls - Organic
Sale priceFrom $6.90
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Natural Almond Meal in a bowl
Almond Meal (Flour) - Natural
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Organic Raw Almond Nuts in a bowl
Almonds - Organic Raw
Sale priceFrom $12.90
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About Us

We are an online Australian owned and operated business located in Sydney, NSW.  As our name suggests, we had our humble beginnings focussed mainly on wheatgrass. But these days, we have expanded to include all things sprouts and microgreens.

While wheatgrass remains a core part of our business, broccolialfalfaradish and snowpeas are now among our most popular seeds for growing both as sprouts and microgreens. We have also expanded to include our newest range of seeds being a collection of herb seeds and edible flower seeds.

Nowadays, there are two sides to Australian Wheatgrass working together as one. During the day we work on seed distribution and operate as a processing and packing facility, and at night we prepare and harvest living sprouts and microgreens for early morning distribution. We supply a variety of fresh sprouts and microgreens to supermarkets in NSW and Qld with alfalfa and broccoli sprouts being our best sellers.

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