Growing Wheatgrass

Congratulations on purchasing your Wheatgrass Growing Kit! Here you will find step by step instructions on how to grow your wheatgrass from beginning to end.

Step 1

Pour 1 cup of wheatgrass seeds into a jar and fill with water, ensuring that the seeds are completely covered and there is excess water. Soak your seed for approximately 12 hours. The seed will double in size during this process, so select a big enough jar to support this. *Note: This amount will cover 1 small tray (30cm X 27cm).
 Wheatgrass Seeds Soaking In Glass Jar

Step 2

Place seeds into a colander for another 12 hours. During this time, rinse seeds a few times to keep them hydrated. The seeds will begin to germinate.
Wheatgrass Seeds Sprouting In Colander

Step 3

Line a tray with paper liner to prevent the soil from seeping through the drainage holes.
Paper Liner Covering Holes In Black Grow Tray

Step 4

Place approximately 1-2cm of soil, preferably Coco Fibre, into the tray covering the paper.

Coco Fibre Spread Out Inside Black Grow Tray

Step 5

By this stage, the cup of seeds you soaked has grown into 2 cups.

Two Cups Of Soaked Wheatgrass Seeds Inside Black Tray

Step 6

Spread the seeds over the soil as evenly as possible. Cover all the soil. Try not to let the seeds sit on top of one another as this may contribute to mould forming. For the first watering, water thoroughly, making sure all the soil is wet and the water drains through the bottom.

Wheatgrass Seeds Spread Inside Black Grow Tray

Step 7

Cover the seeds with paper and mist with spray bottle, soaking the paper. It is important that over the next 48 hours you keep the paper and the seeds moist. Mist lightly every 8 hours. A spray bottle works well.

Misting Wheatgrass Seeds With Water Bottle

Step 8

The seed will have sprouted and will begin to lift up the paper. Remove the paper. You will see that the seeds have now sprouted to around 1 – 2 cm tall.

Wheatgrass Seeds Sprouting And Pushing Up Paper Liner

Step 9

During this period, continue to water lightly every day. In another 4-6 days or so your grass will be ready to juice.

Fully Grown Wheatgrass In Black Tray


A few tips

  • A good rule of thumb when growing wheatgrass is to water it lightly every day but do not soak the wheatgrass after the initial soaking. This promotes strong root systems and also helps control mould from forming.
  • In addition, when growing wheatgrass you can feed your grass some organic liquid fertiliser which you can buy from Australian Wheatgrass. This will give your wheatgrass a boost of chlorophyll which looks a darker green.
  • Lastly, when growing wheatgrass remember to keep your tray of grass out of direct sunlight at all times and in a well ventilated area. A shady outdoor area is ideal.


Grow your own wheatgrass with one of our wheatgrass kits or, we can deliver fresh wheatgrass straight to your door. 


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