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There are two sides to our business working in harmony: seeds and living products. During the day we operate as a seed processing and distribution facility and at night we grow, harvest and prepare our living sprouts and microgreens for distribution.


Our ability to provide consistently high quality products is by supervising the whole supply chain from start to finish. POW!

  • It starts with the seeds! We have sourced accredited seed suppliers who grow exclusively for our business or have undergone our rigorous quality controls. We have selected our seed suppliers based on providing the highest quality seed available with excellent germination rates.  
  • Upon arrival all seeds are tested externally for harmful microbes.
  • Our seeds are stored, weighed, packed and distributed in a completely sanitary environment.
    • During the sprouting process, run-off water samples are collected and sent to the symbio-laboratory for further testing. This ensures all sprouts are guaranteed safe for consumption.
      • When sprouts are ready to be harvested they are washed, spun dried and packed into punnets in a sanitary environment.
        • They are then loaded onto refrigerated transport to their destinations keeping them fresh and safe to eat.