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Our Organic Mini Wheatgrass Punnets

Our mini wheatgrass punnets are only available at select stores and supermarkets in Sydney and Brisbane and are sold under the brand Organic Sprouts To You.

These wheatgrass punnets are certified organic and can be juiced right away. They are conveniently sized to fit in your refrigerator and be consumed in a few days. One of the main benefits of purchasing fresh wheatgrass is that you can juice the grass as required whilst the remainder stays fresh and continues to grow. 

Can't get to a store? We can deliver fresh wheatgrass to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane metropolitan areas only. We can also help you grow your own wheatgrass - wheatgrass grow instructions, wheatgrass seeds, wheatgrass kits and growing supplies and deliver right across Australia. 


Orders to Western Australia & Tasmania

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