The Benefits Of Wheatgrass

What are the health benefits of drinking wheatgrass?

Wheatgrass is one of the few foods that actively works with the natural processes in our bodies to remove harmful toxins and restore the body to health. Here are some of the many benefits of wheatgrass:

The top 10 health benefits of wheatgrass

  • Dramatically increases energy and
  • improves sleep
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Detoxifies and cleanses impurities in the body
  • Improves digestive system functioning.
  • Promotes pH balance in cells by restoring alkalinity
  • Increases mental alertness and concentration
  • Aids in fighting and preventing cancer/degenerative disease’
  • Aids in lowering blood pressure and improving blood flow
  • Stimulates the metabolism
  • Promotes general well-being


Wheatgrass is a superfood. By definition, superfoods are low in calories and dense in nutrients. They are a superior source of antioxidants and contain many essential nutrients that we need but cannot make ourselves. Although we may be adding more salads and vegetables to our diets, concern over the quality of foods grown on mineral depleted soils and the use of harmful pesticides, makes superfoods an intelligent choice. Wheatgrass has one of the highest concentrations of easily digestible nutrients, vitamins and minerals. It contains a wide array of beneficial substances including 17 amino acids (the building blocks of protein), 10 minerals, 13 vitamins and healthy bacteria helping you to build cleaner muscles and tissues, aid your digestive system function and more effectively protect you against disease and illness. When compared to other vegetables and particularly, broccoli and spinach, wheatgrass contains much higher levels of protein, iron, phosphorus and many vitamins.

High in Alkaline

Our bodies have a natural acid/alkaline balance. A healthy pH level of 7.365 (slightly alkaline) will allow our bodies to function properly and effectively resist disease. However, medications, sugars, coffee, poor diet and stress can all make the body too acidic which creates an environment where yeast, bacteria, viruses and cancer can thrive. Too much acid forces the body to borrow minerals, including calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium, from vital organs and bones to buffer (neutralise) the acid and safely remove it from the body. Due to this strain, the body can suffer severe and prolonged damage due to high acidity. Wheatgrass is one of the most alkaline foods know to humankind. It has been found by various studies to have higher alkalinity than most fruits and vegetables, making wheatgrass an extremely efficient way to naturally boost the alkaline levels in our bodies to help maintain a healthy pH level.

High in Chlorophyll

Wheatgrass juice contains 70% chlorophyll and is literally condensed sunlight energy. Chlorophyll in wheatgrass has a nearly identical chemical structure to haemoglobin (red blood cells) in the human body. Due to this inherent similarity, the human body can easily transform chlorophyll into haemoglobin which increases the red blood cell count as well as the blood’s capacity to deliver oxygen, iron-carrying blood protein and other nutrients to the body’s cells. Chlorophyll has been shown to build red blood cells quickly, normalise blood pressure, destroy poisonous carbon dioxide, release free oxygen and promote higher metabolism and stimulated enzyme systems. The chlorophyll in wheatgrass is a highly potent inhibitor of several kinds of carcinogens which makes it an effective anti-cancer substance.

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