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Sorrel - Red Micro Vein

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Red Vein Sorrel Microgreen Seeds

Red vein sorrel microgreens are definitely in the top 5 most popular microgreens used by chefs. The more striking and vibrant a microgreen, the higher it ranks and red vein sorrel is probably the most striking of all. It has light green leaves and blood red veins running through them. Spectacular!

When growing red vein sorrel as a microgreen, sow the seeds very sparsely. In a standard pot with a 10cm diameter, 20-30 seeds is plenty. Cover the seed lightly with vermiculite or coco fibre and mist twice a day until seeds have germinated and reached around 1-2 cm in height. At this stage, stop misting and start bottom feeding. Red vein sorrel is a slow grower and needs more attention than most other microgreens, however the end result is worth the time and effort.

Our red vein sorrel seeds can also be grown to full maturity. 

Seed Specifications:



Scientific Name

Rumex sanguineus


Microgreen seeds


Red Veined



Germination Time

5-7 days

Harvest Time

Approximately 30 days


New Zealand

Thousand Seed Weight

0.68 grams


Non GMO seeds with no chemical treatment


Orders to Western Australia & Tasmania

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