Wheatgrass Grow Kit 1


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Wheatgrass Grow Kit 1

Start growing your own wheatgrass! 

Wheatgrass Kit 1 is our most basic and straightforward kit. It includes 3kg of certified organic wheatgrass seeds which is enough seed to grow 12 trays of wheatgrass. This kit also includes 2 grow trays and 2 drip trays which means you can have 2 trays of wheatgrass growing at different rates of maturity to ensure you have a constant supply of wheatgrass. Please note that this kit does not include any grow medium or fertiliser which you will need before you can start growing wheatgrass. You may want to look at Wheatgrass Grow Kit 3 which is a complete kit and has everything you need to start growing wheatgrass. 

This Kit contains:

2 X Grow Trays

2 X Drip Trays

3kg Certified Organic Wheatgrass Seed

20 X Paper Tray Liners

How to Grow Instructions


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