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Barley Grain Seeds - Microgreens

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Organic Barley Seeds for sprouting and microgreens

Our Certified Organic and Australian grown barley seeds have an extremely high germination rate that are perfect for both sprouting and growing. Unlike other microgreens, barley grass is not eaten raw and can only be juiced. Faster to grow than wheatgrass, barley grass can be ready to juice in 6 days. Containing anti-oxidants and a natural metabolism booster, barley grass is a very healthy and nutritious option. 

Growing barley grass at home is simple and inexpensive. It looks like grass with long straight green stems and grows in a grow media such as coco fibre. Click here to learn how to grow barley grass from scratch. 

Our barley seeds can also be planted and grown to full maturity. 

Seed Specifications:

Seed - Barley Grain

Scientific name - Hordeum vulgare

Type - Whole grain

Category - Sprouting and microgreens, full maturity

Germination - 94%

Origin - Australian Grown

Status - Certified Organic


Our seeds are non GMO with no chemical treatments

To view a list of our certified organic seeds and our Australian Certificate of Compliance registered through the ACO, please click here.


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