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Watercress Seeds

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Watercress Seeds For Growing Microgreens

Watercress microgreens have a peppery, slightly spicy flavour and are best eaten fresh in salads, sandwiches and wraps. They are easy to grow and are ready to harvest in just 10-12 days.

Watercress seeds are small and mucilaginous, like chia seeds, meaning they create a jelly substance in water and swell, producing a gel-like mass. This means, unlike other microgreens, there is no need to soak these seeds first. See instructions for growing below. 

Our watercress seeds can also be grown to full maturity.

Seed Specifications:

Seed - Watercress

Scientific name - Nasturtium officinale

Variety - True Watercress

Category - Microgreen Seeds, full maturity

Germination - 91%

Thousand Seed Weight = 0.22 grams 

Origin - New Zealand

Non GMO seeds with no chemical treatment


Orders to Western Australia & Tasmania

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