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Sunflower Seeds Sprouting Seeds

Although commonly used as bird seed, did you know that grey striped sunflower seed sprouts are highly nutritious containing high amounts of vitamin E, calcium, zinc, potassium, magnesium and amino acids? When sprouting, the hulls of grey sunflower seeds will crack open and they can either be removed or eaten with confidence being certified organic (although hulls will alter the taste and texture of any recipe). 

Our Certified Organic grey sunflower seeds can also be grown to full maturity. They will grow to approximately 12 feet tall and produce large flowers approximately 40cm in diameter. 

Seed Specifications:

Seed - Sunflower

Scientific name - Helianthus

Variety - Grey

Category - Microgreen Seeds, full maturity

Germination -93%

Origin - Australian Grown 

Status - Certified Organic



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