Pistachio Meal (Flour)

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Natural ground pistachios (also known as pistachio flour) is a fantastic low carb, gluten free alternative to standard wheat flours. Pistachio Meal has a beautiful, rich colouring and delicious flavour. Pistachio flour is also incredibly high in protein, vitamin B and dietary fibre, which is great for lowering cholesterol and managing a healthy lifestyle.

With a beautiful consistency, natural pistachio flour is a great ingredient that can be added into an array of dishes such as pancakes, muffins, macaroons, cookies and cakes.


Ingredients: Pistachio Nuts



May Contain Soy, May Contain Cereals Containing Gluten, May Contain Milk, May Contain Sulphites, May Contain Tree Nuts, May Contain Other Tree Nuts, May Contain Peanuts, May Contain Sesame, May Contain Gluten, May Contain Egg


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