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Phlox Popstars Mix Seeds

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Phlox Popstars Mixed for Growing Edible Flowers

Although small, these beautiful flowers will be your star performers in the garden. These easy to grow, hardy annual plants will produce an abundance of star-shaped flowers in an array of colours that are weather tolerant and compact. Their small size makes them perfect for containers and they will remain colourful for up to 5 months in your garden. 

Scientific Name

Phlox drummondii




25 cm – 30 cm


25 cm – 40 cm



Planting Season


Flowering Season

December, January, February

Growers Information

  • Naturally dwarf and strong branching, Popstars is an F1 hybrid Phlox with a fantastic show of single and bicoloured star-shaped flowers.
  • The compact habit with F1 vigour ensures good garden performance and amazing flower power.
  • Strong tolerance to disease and high temperatures.
  • Pot up phlox plants and grow them in frost free conditions until large enough to plant outdoors. When they are well grown and all risk of frost has passed, acclimatise them to outdoor conditions over 7 to 10 days before transplanting into their final positions. Grow phlox plants in any fertile, moist, well drained soil in full sun or semi-shade. Incorporate plenty of well rotted manure or garden compost into the soil prior to planting.


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