Alfalfa & Garlic Onion Chive Sprouts

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Our Organic Alfalfa & Garlic Onion Chive Sprouts

Our Alfalfa & Garlic Onion Chive Sprouts are 100% Certified Organic and sold in select stores in Sydney and Brisbane under the brand name Organic Sprouts To You.

If you’ve tried our alfalfa sprouts before and are looking for a little more flavour for your sandwiches and salads, check out our Alfalfa & Garlic Onion Chive Sprouts! They have a hint of garlic and onion without being too overpowering. Add to a salad, a sandwich, a stir fry, Alfalfa & Garlic Onion Chive Sprouts will make a fresh and crunchy addition to any meal, adding texture and taste to even the most basic dishes. 

Can't get to a store? We recommend growing your own alfalfa and garlic chive sprouts. Check out our full range of sprouting seeds and sprouters to get started. 


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