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Lemon Balm Seeds for growing herbs

Lemon balm seeds can take from 60-70 days to reach maturity and you can expect this perennial to reach 50cm in height. This herb has a lemony flavour and when used as a culinary it can be found in teas and drinks, desserts and cookies, chicken and fish dishes, salad and vegetables and much more. A extremely versatile herb, lemon balm has been used for medicinal purposes for many years to treat things such as stress and anxiety.

Scientific Name

Melissa officinalis

        Common Name

        Lemon Balm

        Planting Season 


        Life Cycle

        Hardy, Perennial

        Planting Method

        Raise seedlings

        Sowing Depth

        8 mm

        Seed Spacing

        50 cm

        Germination Time

        7-14 days


        Part or full sun, moist well drained soil

        Plant Height

        50 cm 

        Full Maturity

        60-70 days

        Seeds per gram



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